Sonali Chaturvedi

 Sonali Chaturvedi, UCR
Sonali Chaturvedi

Assistant Professor of Virology,
Chaturvedi Lab,
University of California, Riverside


Brief description of the research in the Chaturvedi Lab:

The Chaturvedi lab focuses on systems and synthetic virology, with a primary objective of elucidating the replication dynamics of both RNA and DNA viruses. Our research is geared towards designing the next-generation therapeutic strategies, achieved through an in-depth characterization of the complex feedback circuits that determine cellular and viral fates. A key area of interest also includes investigating the mechanisms that dictate latency in DNA viruses, such as Cytomegalovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus-1, among others. Additionally, a significant aspect of our work involves exploring the regulatory roles of non-coding RNAs in gene expression and pathogenesis.